“How does your rabbit live till 10?” We’ve been asked this question many times when people visit our senior bunnies at the wonderland. So today, we’ll like to reveal to you our secret for bunny longevity!


Yes, our answer is just that simple.

We emphasize the need for simple and stable diet to our rabbits. Not only is it easy to maintain, it’s also very easy on the pocket.

Our rabbits eat lots of hay. And we really mean ALOT. We ensure the hay is always fresh and we change them out everyday. Rabbits like their hay fresh and crisp and will never eat overnight hay. We will usually give 1 shoebox full per rabbit per day and refill 2x and change them out every single day. No fail. We are loyal consumers of Alfalfa King’s Oat, Wheat & Barley hay as well as Oxbow’s Western Timothy Hay.

Our rabbits also eat lots of fresh greens. We give at least 3 types of vegetables and we will sprinkle chopped fruits to keep things exciting. We feed 1 cupful of vegetables per rabbit per meal and 2 timely meals a day (6am and 6pm). Our bunnies love romaine lettuce, xiao bai cai, cai xin, coriander, parsley and celery. We will sprinkle small bits of carrots, blueberries, strawberries and apples over the vegetables as treats (max. 1 tablespoon per rabbit per day).

Our rabbits enjoy their pellets but we don’t feed too much. We give 1 soupspoon of pellets twice a day. We feed Oxbow’s Bunny Basic T pellets for our adult rabbits and Alfalfa pellets for our babies. We will never feed those pellets with colorful sprinkles because firstly they are too artificial, secondly they are usually expensive and thirdly, they will just lead to obesity.

When the rabbits behave well, we will also give them 1-2 pieces of cookies. They love Oxbow’s barley cookies as well as our home-baked BW cookies! They are usually hay or oat based that are healthy and simple for our bunnies to enjoy.

So there, that’s our little secret to keep our rabbits healthy and happy. We know there’s many different brands out there that makes good rabbit food too. We just like to share what we use as a reference but it’s for you to determine what is the best diet for your rabbits. They key point is lots of fibrous hay, balanced it with fresh green vegetables, and go easy on the pellets and treats. There is no need to be too fancy and keep switching brands back and forth as this will just confused their sensitive tummy. We hope this sharing will help all rabbits achieve longevity and happiness!