Back in March, we wrote a post on ’10 UGLY TRUTHS ABOUT RABBITS’ and received overwhelming responses from ‘tricked’ rabbit owners! Recently, we were inspired by an interesting article to disclose 10 MORE ugly truths about rabbits… Don’t say we didn’t warn you…They are truly not as ‘angelic’ as you think!

1. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Aretha Franklin says it best for the bunnies. They will only respect you, if you respect them. So BOW every time you walk pass them. Else, you shall be condemned for the rest of the week.

2. No matter how many toys you buy, how many treats you give, a rabbit may remain unimpressed. In short, you can never BUY their love.

3. Our bunnies don’t take commands very well. They do what they do, and you just have to live with it or ‘work around them’.

4. “What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine too. The remote control, the iPhone charger, the space between the chair and the table. Mine mine mine!”

5. The rabbit reserves all rights to be suspicious of your good will. And if you dare trick them to enter the carrier with a treat, you will be sure the rabbit will remember it till its last day on earth.

6. Thou shall not be late to provide meals else thou will be greeted by a pool of pee (if you are lucky, just a pile of poo) which thou better clean up before serving food else it will get step up and smear EVERY WHERE.

7. Forcing yourself on a rabbit, be it a kiss on the head or a cuddle, may end up with horrific ending if the rabbit is not ready for you. Such endings can include a bloody scratch on your arm or a punchy kick on the face.

8. You need to walk the talk and prove that you are worthy of your rabbit’s love. You need to be the one to clear their poo, clean their space, feed their meals and spend hours daily with them before they let you know you are worthy of their love.

9. A lick on the hand by your rabbit is enough to send you through the roof! A lick on the nose… You better buy a lottery before your luck runs out!

And last but not least, loving a bunny is….

10. Working late and reaching home at 10pm to find no hay, call up every rabbit friend you know or go on facebook to cry for help, drive an hour to pick up some hay and rush home to top up your hay rack…. Then realizing it’s already midnight and you have not had dinner. But you still smile when your rabbit pee on the hay and totally discounted your effort.

We hope these 10 MORE ugly truths about rabbit can enlighten you more about these ‘crazy’ pets which some people think are ‘easy’ to care for. As much as we love these bunnies, it does takes a very patient and dedicated owner to truly appreciate them for who they are and love them the way they deserve.

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