On a daily basis, we receive requests from animal lovers about adopting a pet rabbit. However, only a handful will succeed. Why is that so? Today, we will like to share with you our observations and we hope more people learn about how we conduct adoption.

Some people choose to adopt out of sympathy, while some see it as a ‘cheaper’ way to obtain a pet. Well, either way may lead to an impulsive decision and the love may not last. At Bunny Wonderland, we aim to find good homes for our rescued rabbits, homes that are well-prepared for this long-term commitment. Our volunteers will take a careful approach and work patiently with a sincere adopter to prepare them for the long journey ahead.

Many adopters come to us thinking rabbits are to be caged, good starter pets for their child, easy to take care of, and cheap. It doesn’t take much to google online with key words like ‘rabbit care’ to find load of information to dismiss these myths. We do our best to educate but it will truly help to set your expectations if you do some homework to prepare yourself and your family. An adoption should be treated with the same level of seriousness as finding the primary school for your child. It is THAT serious.

We have set minimal standards based on how the rabbit is currently cared for, and not because we are trying to be ‘difficult’. Our basic requirements are spelled out clearly in our adoption process. We don’t bend these rules because they are there for a reason and not to be negotiated.

Bunny Wonderland has a simple goal to find responsible homes for our rescued rabbits. We are not salesmen trying to ‘promote’ pets to you. We are also not judges to say if you are a good or bad pet owner. Who we are is a group of animal lovers here to educate, prepare, and guide you through a successful adoption and subsequently, a fulfilling pet experience. You can learn more about our adoption process here: goo.gl/pMkl4V.

Thank you for supporting adoption!