‘My rabbit is healthy! Why does it require a vet?’

It’s exactly because your rabbit is well, that’s why you should bring him to the vet! A ‘Well Bunny Visit’ allows the vet to see your rabbit when he is healthy and behaving normally. This way, when he is not his usual self, the vet has a good record to compare and be more able to diagnose what’s exactly wrong with him.

A young and healthy rabbit may require a review once a year while an older (>5 years) and/or sickly rabbit may require more regular checks. A thorough ‘Well Bunny Visit’ shall include (but not limited to):

1. Medical history review
2. Discussion of existing/new medical condition
3. Physical examination of the head (eye, nose, ears), body (fur, skin), organs (heart and lungs via stethoscope, abdomen via palpation)
4. Dental examination via otoscope (incisors and molars)
5. laboratory testing which may include blood test, skin scrape, urinalysis and fecal analysis.

Rabbits are prey animals that hide diseases very well. Owners should be vigilant in understanding their rabbits in order not to be surprised with any sudden symptoms. Health problems detected early are often easier and less expensive to treat. We strongly recommend all owners to watch this Howcast video by HRS Outreach Director Mary Cotter and Honorary HRS Educator Amy Sedaris about ‘Well Bunny Visit’: https://youtu.be/yfrPCcrUjqU.

You can also find our recommended rabbit-savvy vets in Singapore on our website: https://bunnywonderlandsg.com/vet-recommendation/.