Adoption is so much more than ‘just a good deed’. It is an act of selflessness and unconditional love to an animal that truly needs help. In fact, there is so much more benefit to working with a responsible rescue group to adopt a pet over buying one from a breeder or pet shop. Here’s why:

A pet shop sells for money and a breeder exploit a mother for their babies.
A rescuer take in a neglected pet, nurse it back to health and sterilize it before finding it a home.

A pet shop markets pets as cheap and easy to care. Some even offer a deal if you buy more than 1!
A rescuer provides accurate information and set realistic expectations to find the most fitting pet for a family.

A pet shop will never reveal the pet’s heritage nor their medical record. If the pet is sick, they will only say ‘sorry no refund’ and turn you away.
A rescuer will provide the pet’s background and even attend vet visits to discuss their medical history. If the pet is sick, they will support you to seek medical treatment.

Buying a pet supports a cruel pet trading industry that exploits animals for profit. Unwanted pets end up in shelters and may face euthanasia.
Adopting a pet saves a life and help shelters make space for more to be saved. Your action will positively influence others to help more animals.

Thousands of animals are waiting to be saved in a shelter near you. Adoption IS the solution to end homelessness in the animals we create. If you have the capacity to help a rescued animal, please contact your local shelters or rescue organizations today.