A look at this photo, you may not know these moments were captured during the bunnies’ first dates! Our volunteers took them during bonding sessions at our adoption drives. Don’t they look too adorable?

Bunnies are sociable animals who enjoy companionship of their own kind. However, due to their prey nature, they will protect themselves and will not accept a new friend immediately. It takes time but once they establish their hierarchies, they will build trusting and lasting relationship.

Our volunteers are experienced in introducing them in a safe manner. We start by talking to the adopters to understand what they are looking for and prepare them on what to expect. We will identify compatible matches and invite adopters and their bunnies to our adoption drive. Based on what we observe, we will recommend the best way to bond the rabbits in their own homes.

Bonding is never overnight and do require owners to make time for the process. We do our best to follow up with the adopters and assist which can take from days to months. We hope to work with committed adopters to help their rabbits find a friend. We have bonded over hundreds of pairs and our experience is, bunnies with friends make the happiest bunnies on earth!