Many pets lost their homes when their humans developed allergies. Unfortunately, most assumed it’s caused by the pets. Some were even advised by their doctors to give away their pets. This shows the extent of misunderstanding most people, including professionals, have about animals.

We have a confession.

Both Jackie and Lynne, the founders of Bunny Wonderland, are serious allergy sufferers. Jackie is even asthmatic. Yet, we live harmoniously with our pets which includes dogs and rabbits. How is that possible?

Instead of jumping the gun and giving away our pets, we asked the vet what could be the potential causes. We learned that fur mites is the most common cause of allergies, follow by the hay pollens, and then protein from the rabbit’s saliva which can be carried on their fur.

After some investigation, Jackie realized she is allergic to the fur mites. As such, Bunny Wonderland started a routine of giving Revolution as a prevention to all rabbits every 3 months. As for Lynne, she was allergic to the hay pollens. Ever since, she will only use rubber gloves when handling the hay and will always have a vacuum handy to remove the dust from tiny corners.

To be honest, it doesn’t take much effort to investigate allergy causes. However, most families may not have the right information and ended up tiring themselves from trying methods that got nowhere. At Bunny Wonderland, we do have experience to support you and we hope you can work with us to find a solution. While you may see them as pets, they see you as their world. Let’s do our best to protect their welfare too.