Of course they do! They have teeth just like you and me. They are small, fluffy beings with no way to communicate than with their bodies. So when they are using their teeth, it can means a lot of things!

Bunnies nip to get your attention. They are sociable animals and will try to make friends with whoever is around. Do acknowledge your rabbit whenever you walk by before they greet with their 2 front teeth!

If you are blocking a bunny’s way, they will not hesitate to ask you to move. It typically start with a nudge and if you play stubborn, they will nip to make their point!

Rabbits are territorial and protective of their belongings. Items like litterbox and bowls can means alot to them and they may nip you out of concern. Do talk to the bunny to calm them down or distract them with happy things like food so you can do your chores in peace.

So how can you manage a nippy bunny?

– sterilizing them to reduce hormonal rage
– discipline them with a firm ‘No’, a loud clap, or a foot stomp, follow by a praise or treat.
– approach them with a wide hand, palm side down, from the side and gently pat the rabbit’s head to reassure you mean no harm.
– bond with them to gain their trust, especially if this is a new pet. Consider wearing jeans or gloves to build your confidence for the start.

Always keep in mind that rabbits are prey animals and their behaviors are driven by their instinct to protect. NEVER EVER discipline rabbits the hard way by hitting them. They will not learn though physical means and will develop permanent fear in humans. We hope you learnt about these misunderstood creatures and develop a lasting bond with them!