Rabbits are the 3rd most common pets in Singapore but yet the most misunderstood that often end up neglected. Many families chose a rabbit thinking they are ‘big enough to cuddle’ and ‘small enough to cage’. Both of which are untrue and it’s taking a long time for people to realize that.

In fact, rabbits are high maintenance and requires no less commitment than a dog. They are intellectual and requires roaming space and human interaction. Their prey nature makes them difficult to understand which requires daily attention to know how they are doing. They can live up to 10 years and the care they require increases with age.

Unfortunately, the pet trading industry exploit their likability and reproducibility as lucrative income. They market them to unknowing customers and put hefty price tags to make them ‘pedigree’ and ‘luxurious’. Some turn to adoption as cheaper alternative but ill-prepared owners will eventually feel the stress and give them away.

Bunny Wonderland receives daily surrender requests from families asking us take them away. At the same time, families will ask to adopt them to fulfill a child’s wish. We do our best to educate but we hope everyone can SHARE the honest truth about rabbit care. Enough of the sugar coating