It is indeed a myth that rabbits should be kept as caged pets and never allow to roam like a dog! At Bunny Wonderland, we strongly advocate for cage-free living. We believe that a happy rabbit is cared for like a family, like a companion. We hope more people can realize this and give them a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Domesticated rabbits are smart and sociable. With a disciplined approach, they can be trained to use a litterbox. They maybe curious explorers but if you can supervise their roaming time, and properly guide them through their do’s and don’ts, they will eventually learn good behaviors. Of course, as natural chewers, it is best for you to keep your wires and valuables like clothes and leather bags out of their reach to prevent any accident. Afterall, it is still our responsibility to make sure our bunnies are well-behaved in our own home!

We strongly encourage all our adopters to allow the rabbits plenty of roaming time outside of their playpen.  Many of them take the extra effort to bunny-proof their entire house so their rabbits can live freely, just like a member of the family! We hope these photos and suggestions can give you some ideas and educate more rabbit lovers to give the right care to their companion rabbits. For they are not just a pet or even a toy, they are FAMILY!