Caused by a protozoal parasite, Eimeria Sp, Coccidia is a highly contagious disease. A rabbit can get be infected through oral ingestion of contaminated feces, food and water. Infected rabbits will show signs of reduced appetite, weight loss and diarrhea leading to dehydration. If left untreated, the kidney and liver will be severely impacted and the rabbits may not survive.

If a rabbit is suspected to have coccidia, a rabbit-savvy vet will conduct a fecal analysis and a blood test to understand the extent of infection. An infected rabbit will have weakened health so other parasitic diseases such as E. Culi can relapse and symptoms such as GI stasis will also surface. An aggressive and immediate treatment is key to successful recovery.

Coccidia can be prevented with hygienic measures such as maintaining a clean environment. Vegetables should be carefully washed, pellets should be kept dry, and fresh water should be provided daily.