Pinworms are small intestinal worms commonly present in rabbits but typically do not cause any health issue. However, heavy infestation can cause itching and skin inflammation especially in the anal area. In severe cases, they may suffer weight loss and rectal prolapse.

Pinworm is visible to the naked eyes and typically found in the poo. If your rabbit’s anal area is red or if you find pinworm in their stools, we will recommend a visit to a rabbit-savvy vet. Bring along some stools for a fecal analysis. The vet may also conduct a blood and/or urine test to assure no other health impact. Oral deworming medication are typically prescribed to treat pinworms.

Pinworm spreads through infected feces and it’s very difficult to eliminate for rabbits because they will re-ingest their poo. It is important for owners to keep the space sanitized and quarantine infected rabbits (or treat all).