Rabbits are sociable creatures and do enjoy the companionship of others. However, due to their defensive prey nature, it takes time for a small rabbit to relax around a giant human. Here are some suggestions to interact with our quiet animals. It does take time so do be patient to learn how to interact with them.

1. Let your rabbit come to you naturally and do not move him around forcefully.

2. Spend time on the floor and let your rabbit run around you.

3. Always approach the rabbit from the side of his face where his vision is clearest. Never try to pat a rabbit from behind unless he is comfortable with you.

4. Place your chin on the floor, look into your rabbit’s eyes and talk to them gently. You can also try to telepath your thoughts!

5. Use a treat to tempt your rabbit to come near your hands. Upon giving him his treat, tap his head lightly and praise him to reaffirm the good behavior.

6.Place a towel over your lap and gently place the rabbit on top. If he hops out, let him be and repeat after you gradually gain his trust. If he stays, give him a nice massage and let him get used to your touch.

7. Feed vegetables and pellets by hand to build trust but do so with an open palm as they can get excited and nip your fingers by accident.

8. Sit near your rabbit while you are reading a book or playing with your phone. Quiet times like this are good opportunities to bond!

9. If your rabbit is in an enclosure, leave the door open and let him choose when he wants to come out. Do not reach in to grab him out.

10. If you have a cage, consider a playpen setup so your rabbit can hop in and out with ease!

Patience is a virtue when making friends with a shy rabbit. We do not encourage people to carry them unless they are experienced handlers. We also do not recommend children to play with them unless supervised by an adult. As our rabbits are prey animals, let’s do our best to create a calm and peaceful environment for them to thrive in!