Did you know a rabbit can breathe as many as 60 breaths in a minute? This is easily 3 times faster than a human! They have really tiny lungs and can risk over exertion and cause a systematic issue! Rabbit owners should do their best to create a calm and quiet environment for them to thrive in.

While rabbits do enjoy zooming and exploring, their favorite past time is a moment of peace just with their humans by their side. As prey animals, they can sense danger with their keen hearing and sharp vision. This is why minimizing noise as well as movement are important to temper their mood.

If your rabbit is angsty, flighty, and always nervous, you may want to help him relax. If the rabbit is not yet sterilized, he can be driven by hormones which can cause aggression. If the rabbit is unwell, he can also put on a defensive front to hide his illness. If the rabbit is housed outdoor, he can be very stressed by the noise and crowd. We hope all owners understand these triggers and look into ways to calm their rabbits. For a start, we found this relaxing 1-hour tune made just for rabbits: Enjoy!

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