Earlier today, we posted about Sebastian who was found with a splayed leg. In fact, it is not uncommon for us to find a rabbit who can’t bent their limbs. This is a musculoskeletal condition and is typically caused by genetic unless the rabbit suffered a physical trauma or is very senior and suffers from arthritis.

In rabbits born with splay leg, they typically exhibit this condition soon after birth. Most commonly it affects either both front or both back limbs but in severe cases, could be all 4. For example, Sebastian has a splayed right hind while Winnie (photo) has a pair of splayed front limbs. They move around well though may ‘flop’ or ‘wiggle’ to make their way around.

There is no cure for splay legs but if found young, an experienced vet can advise on the use of braces. In our past experience, rabbits with splay legs can live very well like normal rabbits. Sebastian and Winnie can very thrive on soft padded flooring to prevent abrasion. Low-entry litterbox as well as joint supplements can also help to minimize stress and strength their joints. With some ergonomic improvement, we are confident that splay-leg rabbits can lead happy life.

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