Teddy (previously know as Ted) was once abandoned. He was never brought up to eat hay but his caregivers make sure he picks up this important habit. A hearty output ensures a healthy gut which is very important to rabbits. Today we will like to share some tips to turn your bunny into a poop machine like Teddy!

1. Keep hay smelling fresh by replenishing at least 2 times a day.

2. Throw out uneaten hay every 24 hours as it’s unlikely they will eat them. You can recycle as bedding as well.

3. Feed at least 2 types of hay and mix in the different cuts to keep things fun!

4. Cut the hay short (~6cm) to make it easier for them to pick up.

5. Place hay directly on their litterbox or in an accessible container next to their litterbox. It is most natural for our rabbits to graze their hay while using the loo.

6. Control the amount of vegetables, pellets and treats you feed to preserve their appetite for hay.

7. Sprinkling herbs such as plantain and dandelions on hay are great way to spice things up.

8. Let your rabbit exercise for at least 3 hours a day around the house to build appetite for hay.

9. Free-roaming rabbit may forget to eat their hay so confine them every few hours to instill discipline.

10. Last but not least, hay should be fed ‘buffet style’ and your bunny should consume no less than his body size every day!

A healthy rabbit will produce about 150 round and fibrous poo a day. Eating enough hay is so important to keep their teeth healthy and gastrointestinal tract moving. Nothing is more worrisome than a rabbit that don’t eat hay and we hope these tips will help more rabbits to stay healthy and happy! Let’s all work towards the goal of golden poo!