It can be very worrisome to see a rabbit flopped to the side, totally unconscious. But observe their body and you will find their nose twitching and body moving with their heartbeat. If so, leave them alone. Your rabbit is enjoying his sweet dreams!

Bunnies are natural prey animals and do not let their guards down easily. Some bunnies even sleep with eyes wide open if they are wary about their environment. It can be rather difficult to rest which is why they take short naps throughout the day.

So when a rabbit actually flops, it means he is totally at ease and not worried about his safety at all! It is actually a very good sign and if you are his caregiver, you should give yourself a pat on your back. You have created a peaceful home and he is totally loving it!

We are always very happy to see a flopped rabbit. We hope all rabbits can find a lovely home where they can flop all day long and not worry about a thing. For that is what we aim to achieve for all our rescued rabbits