Very often, we see owners posting about their adorable rabbits on social media. However, we realized many are not guided on the right housing method. Some keep in cages while others in outdoor hutches. We hope to share about the behaviors of domesticated rabbits so owners can make better decision on how to house them.

Rabbits are naturally sociable and energetic animals. Their curiosity is also no lesser than a dog. Most cages are too small to house stimulating toys and the rabbit will eventually be bored. Instead, it is best to provide a spacious play area so the rabbit can explore and be mentally stimulated. This will encourage a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Rabbits are very clean animals. To ensure our rabbits stay neat and tidy in our own home, a proper litterbox is very important. Unfortunately, most designs in the market are too small to be comfortable. We recommend a minimum of A4 size. As most cages are not spacious enough, we recommend a playpen of at least 1m x 1m.

Lastly, rabbits are prey animals and very timid. With their big ears and fur coat, they are also sensitive to noise and heat. It is very cruel to subject a helpless rabbit to constant stress. Some people keep them outdoor because of their fur and smell. However, with proper grooming and litter-training, a rabbit is actually one of the cleanest indoor pets.

We hope every rabbit owner will consider our recommendations and do what is best for their pets. There are many creative ideas out there including playpens, condos and free-roaming tips. Rabbits should not be caged pets and they are definitely not lazy or boring. Let’s create a safe and fun home to nurture a happy and healthy pet!