Countries with wild rabbits, such as U.K., require annual vaccine to protect their domesticated rabbits from lethal viral diseases. In Singapore, we do not have the same problem. Instead, our rabbit-savvy vets recommend the following preventions for our rabbits against worms, parasites, mites and fleas:

PANACUR: The active ingredient is fenbandazole and it is the treatment against worms and parasites such as E.cuniculi. It comes in a syringe of oral paste and it is palatable for rabbits to ingest. The dosage has to be calculated based on the rabbit’s weight and the frequency is different for prevention and treatment. Not all rabbits are suitable to be on Panacur so please discuss with a vet if you have never used it before.

REVOLUTION: The active ingredient is selamectin and it it is a safe treatment against mites and fleas. It comes in a vial of liquid and should be applied to the back of their neck. We recommend the ‘Revolution for Puppies & Kittens’ for most rabbit below 1.5kg. It is toxic if ingested or overdosed so if you are not sure how to apply, please discuss with your vet before administering.

Our rabbits are highly sensitive animals to medication so we have to emphasize that before starting on them, you should discuss with a vet. There are also other treatments out there that maybe safe for dogs but lethal for rabbits (e.g. Frontline, Flea Powder/shampoo) so please practise caution and always engage a rabbit-savvy vet for advice. Here is our list of ‘tried and tested’ vets that we strongly recommend:

Bunny Wonderland uses both Panacur and Revolution on our rescued rabbits to ensure they stay healthy. We use them under the advice of our trusted vets and the treatment varies for different rabbits. We hope more rabbit owners will diligently work with their vet and practice such prevention to protect their rabbits! Let’s keep our rabbits healthy!