Finding a good veterinarian with accurate knowledge on rabbits is actually not an easy feat in Singapore. As you know, most of our local vets are trained in Australia where rabbits are seen as pest or exotics! It truly takes a passionate practitioner who choose to specialize in exotics to be able to effectively treat and diagnose for them. 

In Singapore, we are thankful to have met some vets who are especially focus in rabbits. Under their care, our rescued rabbits regained their health and we have built confidence to care for them. You can find our recommended vets in our website below. If you know of a good rabbit-savvy vet, please email us and we will evaluate them. 

Link to BW Recommended Vets: 

Disclaimer: Our list was compiled based on feedbacks from rabbit owners as well as our own experience with the veterinarians. The clinics were not consulted about our selection and we do not receive any benefits from them. Thank you.