As we look forward to a brand new year, we should think back at what we learned in 2018 and make resolutions to improve! For bunny pawrents, here’s some ideas we have to improve the quality of care to our beloved rabbits. Let’s look forward to making Bun-solutions for 2019!

1. Improve our rabbit’s litterbox habit by using bigger litterboxes where they can stretch relax! Let’s rid the tiny triangle litterboxes for good!

2. Indulge our rabbits with unlimited hay and encourage foraging by using a bigger container. Let’s stop using metal balls or rubber bands!

3. Rid the cage and let them roam! Our rabbits are very energetic and love to binky and dance around. Switch to a playpen for a happier bunny!

4. Bring in the water bowls and move away the bottles! It’s so much easier to drink from and will encourage our rabbit to stay hydrated!

5. Replace colorful muesli with healthier hay-based pellets and treats! Corns, seeds and artificial colorings are unnecessary and unhealthy!

6. Learn proper grooming from a rabbit care expert! Clip, comb and snip with the right tools and never soak them in water or blow hot air at them!

7. Keep your rabbits safe indoor and do not leave them in the corridor or bring them out in a leash to public places!

8. Be a sensible owner and seek medical advice through a rabbit-savvy vet. While there are good resources online, do not assume that every information is the right information.