The weather had been rather hot and our rabbits are not happy! With their thick fur coat, they do not tolerate heat well. Here’s a few tips for you to ensure your rabbits stay cool and through the rising temperatures.
1. Keep your rabbit’s enclosure away from the sun. While some morning sunlight is good for their health, prolonged exposure can be dangerous! If your rabbit’s area is hot, do provide some hideout boxes so they can stay cozy during the day.
2. Your rabbit’s enclosure should be well-ventilated throughout the day. If your air conditioner is not on, you may want to keep the ceiling on low to medium or have a standing fan set to oscillating. This will ensure your rabbit stays comfortable.
3. Ceramic tiles are very cooling and many rabbits enjoy laying on them. If you don’t have that at home, you can always place a piece of tile with smoothened edge or a cooling plate in their enclosure.
4. A few ice cubes in their water bowl can be very invigorating to their taste buds! Start with 1 or 2 to ensure your rabbit’s tumtum is not too sensitive and slowly increase to about 3-4, just enough to keep the water chill and cool to drink.
5. Your rabbit’s ears are important body temperature regulators! You can keep them cool and comfortable by misting with cool water. This can take away the heat and make them feel so much better.
6. Be creative and DIY a portable air conditioner for your rabbits! Fill up a plastic bottle with water and place it in the freezer. Place it around their enclosure to keep them cool. You can also wrap it up in a towel so it doesn’t wet their fur.
7. For rabbits who loves their vegetables, you can soak them in water before serving. This will increase their water content and in turn increase your rabbit’s water intake and keep them hydrated!
8. Loose fur on their body can trap a lot of heat! Help your rabbit stay cool by regularly removing the loose fur using a slicker brush or a metal teeth comb. This will definitely make him feel better.
9. Give your rabbit a water bowl to ensure they are drinking enough water. Change it regularly to keep it fresh. The rule of thumb is 1 water point for 1 rabbit so if you have multiple rabbits , do add a few more bowls around the house!
10. Look out for signs of heat stroke which includes lethargy, panting and hot body temperature. If your rabbit is overheated, dab a damp cloth around his ears, nose and his body. Wrap him up in as lightly damped towel and bring him to the vet. He needs immediately treatment!
Dehydration and heat stroke can be very fatal for our rabbits and should not be taken lightly. We hope with the above tips, all bunnies can stay cool and healthy, likebTaiko!