It is a horrible misconception to assume rabbits are caged pets. They are actually smart, sociable and can be trained to behave well.  At Bunny Wonderland, we advocate for cage-free living. A happy rabbit is one that is cared for like family. They deserve a healthier and more relaxed lifestyle.

The key to allowing your rabbits to enjoy the freedom of space is to litter-train them and bunny-proof your home. Use a spacious and accessible litterbox that is comfortable for them to hop in and out. Keep your wires, fabric and valuables out of their reach to prevent any accident.

Our rabbits are natural explorer and always curious with their environment. You will need to supervise their roaming time and patiently guide them through their do’s and don’ts. After a while, they will gradually learn their boundaries and will even look at you for validation!

When your rabbit is well-trained to behave at home, you can gradually expand their roaming area. When the space is big enough, you will even find them binkying or napping under your sofa! A relaxed rabbit will bond closer to you and be the loyal companion you truly wish for.

For more information on litter-training, bunnyproofing and playpen setup, click here: https://bunnywonderlandsg.com/bunny-101-2/our-rabbit-care-guide/

For great ideas on indoor housing for your rabbits, click here: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/best4bunny/great-rabbit-home-ideas/

(Photo credit to BW alumni Tippy and her adopter Weixin)