On a daily basis, we receive requests from animal lovers about adopting a pet rabbit. Especially now when many are staying home, we do see an influx of requests from parents and otherwise busy adults. While we are excited to the interest, our volunteers remain vigilant in assessing the right adopters for our rabbits. Here’s why:

Some people choose to adopt out of sympathy, while others see it as a ‘cheaper’ way to obtain a pet. Either way, it may lead to an impulsive decision that won’t last. For our rescued rabbits, we need to find forever homes with caregivers who are prepared for the long haul. As such, we do not rush the process as it’s too important to do so.

Many families think rabbits are good starter pets for their child and easy to care for. However, any good owner will dismiss this myth. We hope all adopters will do some research prior to inquiring. Our volunteers will not hesitate to stop an adoption process if the family is not well prepared.

We have set minimal standards based on how the rabbit is currently cared for, and not because we are trying to be ‘difficult’. Our basic requirements are spelled out clearly in our adoption process. We don’t bend these rules because they are there for a reason and not to be negotiated.

Bunny Wonderland has a simple goal to find responsible homes for our rescued rabbits. We are not salesmen trying to ‘promote’ our animals nor are we judges to say if you are a good or bad pet owner. However, we do care for the animals and we aim to find them the best homes. We hope you can understand and respect our process.

To learn more about our adoption process, click here: goo.gl/pMkl4V. Thank you!