Since 2013, Bunny Wonderland has been running our adoption program to find forever homes for our rabbits. To date, we have rehomed over 500 rabbits successfully. Despite not having full-time staff, our volunteers are extremely diligent in reviewing requests from families.
However, we understand not everyone understand how adoption works. Today, we hope to debunk some of these adoption myths:
’I love animals so I’m eligible to adopt!’
While we don’t doubt your love, we do need to assess your readiness to care for them in good times and bad. This includes understanding your housing situation, your time commitment, your financial capacity and most importantly, your experience in handling them when crisis arise.
’I am in a hurry. Pass me a rabbit now!’
An adoption is a serious matter and shouldn’t be rushed! We have an adoption process to protect the animals’ welfare and we need you to respect it too. We do apologize we are unable to proceed incomplete or ill-prepared adoption request so if you are short on time, let’s do it right the first time!
’I have all the supplies, just give me the rabbit!’
While we applaud your enthusiasm, we still need you to review our adoption procedure to ensure you are a suitable adopter. In fact, we discourage people from gathering supplies until the fitting rabbit is identified to ensure you buy what you need and not waste money.
’Your adoption procedure is too complicated!‘
Our adoption procedure consists of a form, a phone call and a meetup. It is quite streamlined and a suitable adopter is typically contacted within days and some even welcome their rabbit within weeks! It’s really not that complicated if you spend some time reading up and preparing for it.
The fairytales our successful adopters created for our rabbits are validation that our adoption procedure works and should stay. We hope more people realize the importance of taking adoption seriously and respecting the work of a rescuer. We are always ready to talk to a well-prepared adopter and find them a rabbit. Please write in to us soon!