It’s Friday night! But guess what? You can’t party for too long because your pet rabbit is waiting for you to feed them dinner! This is the sacrifice you have to make when you bring home a little rabbit. Are you ready for that?
At the wonderland, we often receive adoption requests from young adults or parents to adopt a cute rabbit. This is especially common during school holidays when they are looking for something fun to keep them busy. However, many of them fail to realize that once they commit to the pet, they have to keep them for the next 6-10 years. This includes times when the rabbits fall sick, get old, and require more attentive care. Are you able to provide this to them when you are so busy with your colourful life?
Last year, we were confronted with a surrender case where the rabbit was given up because their 21yo daughter was too busy with their final year in college. We also took in 2 rabbits from a young couple who worked long hours and neglected their senior rabbits. By the time we took over, both unsterilized females were diagnosed with uterine cancer and they passed away painfully. Is this the type of experience you want, for yourself, for your family?
Albeit a heavy topic for a Friday night, we hope every adopter thinks carefully and maturely before you commit to caring for a rabbit. They will be with you for the next 6-10 years. Are you mentally, financially, and physically ready for them? Think about it.