Sometimes,  two is just not enough!!! Bunnies are sociable animals who roam in groups out in the wild. So naturally, they do well with friends as long as there is an established hierachy.  It may take some time (and lots of TLC!) to make this happen,  but it’s so possible!
Grace Ng adopted Hammy from us back in June and bonded him to her Cookie girl in 3 days!  She went on to adopt Loppie in Aug and she is now the happiest bunny mummy with an adorable trio. Here’s her step by step bonding process for everyone to consider!
1. Introduce loppie into hammy and cookie’s area to test for reaction on first encounter meeting.
2. Change plastic mats to new carpet tiles to create neutral ground. Have two area fenced up side by side to encourage bonding and interaction on neutral ground.
2. Swop potty fortnightly between hammy+cookie and loppie so that they will be used to each other’s smell.
3. Swop living area weekly to let them get used to each other smell.
4. Share daily veggie and pellets meals.
5. Sayang the aggressor, cookie, during daily bonding time and encourage loppie to be near her.
6. Put loppie and cookie in a carrier during cleaning time twice weekly.
7. Open the middle fence daily for them to “dance” around.
With the simple steps above,  Grace was able to bond her trio in less than a month! She even has an adorable dog named Bailey who enjoys playing with the bunnies. We truly hope her positive experience can help bonding parents (or soon to be!) in introducing their bunnies!
Best of luck!!!