Do you often feel your rabbit is too shy? Too quiet? Have that ‘leave me alone’ attitude? Rabbits can’t verbalize their feelings and thoughts but they are actually very interactive pets if you figure out their language. Here’s some tips to help you communicate with your pet rabbits.

1) Rabbits are one of the most common prey so it’s important to understand their ‘prey mentality’. They get nervous around high energy and can be very resistant with being held or cuddled. A gentle head rub maybe all they need to feel affection. Let’s respect this boundary.

2) Let your rabbit choose to interact with you and not force yourself upon it. Pushing yourself on a shy bunny can ‘activate’ their defensive instinct and result in them running away or biting out of fear. Give them the space and time to gradually get to know you and come towards you.

3) If your rabbit is in a confined environment, open the door and let him choose when he wants to come out. Sit near him and read a magazine or play with your phone. He will be curious and will come to you gradually. Stay quiet when he comes to you and let him explore.

4) If your rabbit approaches you, use a toy or treat to engage him further. Praise your rabbit with your “happy” voice for being friendly. Gradually, your rabbit will associate you with positive experience and will come looking for you.

5) Adopted rabbits might have a bad past and needs more time to get comfortable. It’s important for adopters to give them time to settle and gain security. Once they learn to trust you, they can be the most loyal and appreciative pets as their bad past makes them treasure you more.

Patience is a virtue when making friends with a shy rabbit. And this is why we strongly require all our adopters to be knowledgeable adults who are sensitive to their needs and knows that it’s never instant gratification with these shy animals. Rabbits are actually very sociable creatures and their love for you will eventually shine through with time.

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(Photo credit to adopter Carlos and his adopted rabbit Tyler)