Our bunnies love to jump, hop and binky around! If your bunny looks bored all the time, consider giving him more grounds to venture!
Here at bunny wonderland we strongly advocate cage free living.  Bunnies are so smart and sociable and they deserve so much more. Litter train them to make sure they will stay discipline with their potty. Then slowly let them explore your home. Watch them close and teach them the do’s and don’ts. Keep wires and chewable valuables like clothes and books off the ground. It is still our responsibility to make sure our bunnies are well behaved in our own home!
All our adopted bunnies enjoy more than playpen living.  We are always encouraging and helping our adopters to teach their bunnies well in hope to achieve free roaming! We have quite a number of bunnies that don’t even live in playpen! This is so possible!
Support cage less living!
Support Bunny Wonderland!
May no bunny gets left behind!