Our rabbits’ teeth has open roots which means they will never stop growing. With a total of 28 teeth, a lot of work is needed to keep them healthy. Unfortunately, no matter how much hay we feed, poorly-bred rabbits can have poor dental from the day they were born. Even healthy rabbits will eventually have rotten teeth as they aged. In short, dental disorder is almost unavoidable for a rabbit owner.

Our Suri and Scottie are prime examples of poorly-bred rabbits born with really bad teeth. They are only 5 years old but have been through 3 surgeries to trim and extract badly-formed teeth. Their foster parents watch them like a hawk and will bring them for a vet check whenever they are unwell. They will also give them lots of hay to encourage good munching habits. Their discipline approach has helped to keep the pair healthy and despite not having much teeth, they are living well like any normal rabbit.

With the rabbit’s natural instinct to hide pain, it is not easy to detect dental diseases. However, we should always be prepared and not let such condition slide. Prevention is the key but if we cannot avoid, early treatment is the most effective. Choosing to delay, avoid or ignore will never help the poor rabbit whose suffering in silence. ALL rabbit owners should be prepared for such medical situation and be committed to their recovery.

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