Our bunnies are not happy to learn that more and more people are exploiting the lives of their fellow friends for money. They were so mad they threw their unwanted vegetable stems up in the air and turned around to give us the butt.
Many of the bunnies at the wonderland were ex-breeding rabbits. Yuki had to continue making babies while she suffered from severe eye disease that went untreated.  Yoshi and Yuri were suspected to have e-cuniculi but their breeder didn’t care and sold away babies who could carry this virus too. Trisha and Momo both gave birth to multiple kits of babies even before they were old enough.
We are thankful these lovely rabbits are now safe with us at the wonderland.  But we are worried for the many more out there,  exploited for their bodies and souls. All for a few extra dollars for some human to spend. Life is precious. Life is priceless. This is why at Bunny Wonderland we don’t even charge an adoption fee as we see no way to put a dollar value on our rabbits.  Instead,  we screen our adopters carefully to ensure the most responsible and loving homes.
We strongly believe that true animal lovers should not condemn lives in such a manner. If you are a breeder,  we hope you can love the animals enough to care for it without instilling more pain. If you are a sincere rabbit ‘shopper’,   we suggest you consider our very adorable rabbits up for adoption.  They are just as cute,  just as loving,  and usually much healthier than those you buy from petshops.
Support adoption,  stop breeding!