Recently, we have been seeing an increase in abandonment cases. In addition, we have also received countless surrender requests from families who either lost their job, suffered from allergies or forced to vacate their home. This is a very disappointing and saddening trend.
While we understand some families are going through trying time, they should not harm innocent lives. Pet rabbits do not belong in the wild and abandoning them is a death sentence unless they are lucky enough to be found. 人在做,天在看。Cruel acts like this will not go unpunished.
Similarly, some families will pass their rabbits to inexperienced people. They might think they are being responsible, but if the new owner is not well-prepared, the poor rabbit will go through another cycle of negligence. If the rabbit is not sterilized, he might be used for breeding which is suffering to the max. This is extreme cruelty!
How can you stop this cruel cycle of abandonment and negligence on our pet rabbits? Remember:
1. They are high maintenance pets that requires daily cleaning, frequent grooming and regular vet checks.
2. They are not for children to ‘learn responsibility’.
3. They are not for families to ‘pass time’.
4. They will require you to make sacrifices including time, money, love and space.
5. As an owner, be responsible and take proper care of them.
6. If you cannot take care of your rabbits, find a responsible person and guide them to be good owners.
7. Discourage ill-prepared people from acquiring a pet rabbit.
8. Encourage a committed animal lover to adopt from a responsible animal welfare group.
If you are an animal lover who claims to love rabbits, please be true to your words and do what is needed to protect them. Your pets are your responsibility from the day you acquire it and no matter what comes up along the way, you are an intellectual human to find the right solution for it. Mean it, when you tell them, you love them.
(Photo credit to Tyler and his adopter Carlos)