Minilops are cute floppy-ears that many rabbit lovers adore. Some will even pay thousands of dollars to purchase them from pet shops. But have you ever wonder where are these baby minilops from? Have you thought about how their mummies looks like?
Here’s three minilops from Project Jubilee, a rescue effort that took out 82 rabbits from an ‘established’ breeder in Singapore. Andrea, Vella and Jolly are three breeding mothers who suffered in silence to make little babies for the petshops. If you bought one recently, take a second look. You maybe looking at their mothers.
All 3 bunnies were found with severe infection of syphillis, a sexually-transmitted disease which is very common in breeding farms. Andrea’s infection had damaged her left eye and facial nerves. Vella’s infection was so bad it had affected her kidney and liver as well. These conditions are often passed on to their babies without your knowledge. Our 3rd girl, Jolly, was born with just one ear and yet she was not spared from being a breeding mother. How much can we say about the breeding industry in Singapore?
There is something very wrong in this world when our innocent animals are put through grueling pain for some superficial satisfaction. We hope before one consider purchasing a rabbit just because it’s cute, think twice about what you are supporting. If you truly have the heart for an animal, save one from a shelter by giving it second chance.