Slowly but surely, our Tampines rescue are learning to eat more hay and vegetables! These rabbits were brought up eating human leftovers which may have included bread and rice, Despite being full grown adults, they have never tasted hay and fresh vegetables which they are meant to have.

Fast forward a few months, these babies are learning to be on a healthier diet! It is such a delight to hear them munching on juicy greens and crunchy hay. It is not an easy job to rehabiliate them  and we are thankful to their caregivers for being so patient and discipline with them.

Being on a right diet is so important to ensure they live a healthy life. They have been neglected for so long they their teeth are extremely unhealthy. Some of them have also passed away due to dental pains. A rabbit with dental issues can suffer in silence if their caregivers do not act fast.

We hope that as pawrents are spending more time at home, they can ensure their rabbits are eating  at least their body size of hay a day. This is also a good time to spring clean away tiny hay racks and silly metal balls. The best way is to serve buffet style so they can eat whenever and wherever they want!

For more information about the right diet for a rabbit, check out our Bunny 101 guide here: Let’s keep ourselves safe and our rabbits healthy during this COVID-19 lockdown!