December truly had been a challenging month with 2 major surgeries within the first week. In addition to Ellie’s surgery, we also embarked on a complicated surgery to help our recent rescue, Oreo (originally named Kutip). Oreo was rescued by an animal lover and thought to have splayed leg. Since we took over her care, we brought her to see our trusted vet to better understand her condition and how we can help her. To our surprise, the Xray indicated a broken leg! Oreo was diagnosed with a chronic left femoral facture with non-union. What this means is her femur bone has separated due to trauma and did not heal together, resulting in dislocation. If left untreated, the pain could increase and Oreo will be physically affected. A surgery was suggested to treat her fracture and to give her a chance to hop normally again.
As the fracture was an old wound, the surgery was not going to be easy. We were referred to Dr Patrick Maguire, a Veterinary Specialist for Small Animal Surgery at Mount Pleasant Vet Center, for his expertise. To help Oreo, Dr Maguire had to remove a significant amount of scar tissue and use a saw to cut the ends of the bones and realign them using a plate and screw procedure. To help heal the fracture, a bone graft is also needed by using hip bone to secure the area. The recovery will be long due to the delayed treatment but the surgery is much advised so Oreo will not suffer in times to come.  The surgery was estimated to be about $3500-4000. Jackie took a look at Oreo and seeing how young and hopeful she was, she decided to give it a go. Her surgery took place on Dec 8 and once again, no one in the wonderland slept…
At about 4pm yesterday, Jackie received a phone call and after a solemn nod, she put her phone down, turned to us, and shouted ‘YAY!’ We have another fighting bunny who triumph through a complicated surgery and is now on her way to recovery! Dr Maguire needed to use 7 screws to secure her bones and although complicated, Oreo woke up hopping around! She even finished a big bowl of vegetables and munched on some hay. Oreo is doing very well and is now hospitalized at TAD for observation before heading back to the wonderland to continue healing.
Oreo’s surgery bill ended up to be $3765.44. If you will like to lend us a hand to help with Oreo’s medical care, please PM or email us at bunnywonderlandsg@gmail.com. We truly appreciate your support to help us help more bunnies! Thank you!