NO, we do not support them. YES, we think they should stop selling them.
We walked past a popular petshop chain and saw a baby holland lop for a price tag of $990. The rabbit was not moving much in a tiny window display. On a separate occasion, we walked past the same chain (different location) and saw an adult English spot. She was hoping left to right and she kept doing it because that’s all the space she has. We got frustrated and approached the petshop attendant. She mentioned the rabbit will be ‘moved to a different location very soon’. We can’t help wondering if that’s the store room where she will be placed with an unsterilized male to make more babies that are ‘more sellable’.
As educated as we are as a society, it’s still very common for us to know people who ‘bought a rabbit for their kids to play’. Here at Bunny Wonderland, we have met too many people who surrendered their rabbits to us just because ‘got tired of them’. As such, we strongly advocate our motto to ‘ADOPT, DON’T BUY’. We know we can’t do it alone. Therefore we are reaching to YOU as an advocate for the rabbits in Singapore. With your help, we will garner strength to speak louder for our rabbits. To speak up for their welfare, their rights, and stop people from bullying those cute squishy faces.
Here are 5 things you can do to speak up for our rabbits.
1. Do not patron petshops that sells live animals.
2. If you see unethnical treatment of rabbits (e.g. dirty environment, improper diet, ill looking), speak up. Tell them, BUNNY WONDERLAND supports you to speak up for the rabbits.
3. If you know of someone who wants a rabbit, tell them to consider adopting over buying. Why? Because it’s cheaper, healthier, you have more to choose from and lastly, you are TRULY saving lives!
4. Get involve in animal welfare groups and lend a hand. It could be financially to help offset high maintenance cost, help at events, help to foster, or even help to adopt!
5. SHARE this message. (And our future posts, if possible.)
Our perfectly adorable pair of girls, Hagen & Hien, are here to advocate our motto. These girls are young, healthy, energized and all ready to look for a home. So, it really quivers our mind when people says rescued rabbits are everything but…We are pretty damn sure they can win a bunny beauty pageant, if there is one.