For the past 6 weeks, we had been extremely busy handling the care of the 25 rabbits we rescued from an uncontrolled breeding ground in Tampines. It has been very challenging as many of them are sick with very poor health. We were indeed thankful that they came to us in the nick of time.

Of the 25, 21 of them are adults and required various degree of dental treatment. Some, like Tweety and Toshi, had huge abscesses which are very painful. They are typically caused by infected teeth root which are very deep in their jaw. Xrays are done to identify the infection source and the bad teeth are surgically removed. Regular followup are necessary to keep the condition under control.

The majority of them, like Tillie and TingTing, had overgrown spurs due to long period without hay in their diet. These spurs are very sharp and will cut into their tongue, causing painful ulcers. They will also need to be surgically trimmed follow by improved diet with lots of stalky hay such as first cut Timothy to keep them grinded down.

We also have a handful, like Tinybit and Tito, who are still rather weak and despite their bad dental condition, we are unable to do anything due to their high surgical risk. We will continue to nurture them and give them lots of love and care to ensure they get stronger and overcome these health challenges. We have lots of faith in them!

If you are an experienced owner, do consider fostering (https://forms.gle/9oxwTewxYjXvJXbu6) or adopting (https://bit.ly/2XZccEn) them to give them a happy place to recover and get better! If you like to donate to their vet bills, please send to DBS Current #0150304669, Paynow to +65 9071 3368 (JACFANG) or PayPal to bunnywonderlandsg@gmail.com. Thank you!