Rabbits are fascinating creatures filled with colorful personalities. No one truly knows how ‘fascinating’ they can be until they actually have one. It would be silly to assume all rabbits are docile, quiet, clean and primp. Just look at Dorje!
Rabbits are intellectual animals and very creative in finding things to stay stimulated. While they can be taught good habits, they can also develop bad behaviors to gain their owner’s attention. What’s challenging is rabbits do not submit to force and need to be ‘lovingly’ taught in order to learn.
Good rabbit owners are patient and calm when confronted with mischief from their rabbits. They are also aware of their playful side and will find ways to keep them happy without restricting them too much. Most importantly, they never give up on them even when they display bad behaviors and will do their best to cultivate their good habits.
We hope rabbit owners can remain zen when they see such a scene early in the morning. Especially when they are already late for work, this is definitely not a fun sight but if you have a pet, that’s part of life. If you are a potential owner, think carefully before embarking. As proven by Dorje, they can really be a handful. No sugarcoating!l
(Photo credit to adopter Tania and her ‘sum seng’ BW rabbit Dorje)