Rabbits are the 3rd most popular pet in Singapore but many people still don’t know much about them! Most folks will assume they are quiet and some even say they are boring. Well, we can only say that rabbits are unique creatures meant for unique individuals. Their quiet yet inquisitive nature make them so adorable to watch and their gentle yet playful manner gives us surprises every day! We spoke to some of our adopters about their moments with their rescued rabbits and today, we will like to share their joy with you.
‘My Bear Bear will tickle my feet with her whiskers and hop around my legs, all that when I was washing dishes in the kitchen. Talk about surprises!’ – Kiat Sing
‘ My Ccino & Heracles showed me love can be found even after years of suffering in a hopeless past.’ – Wati S.
‘ My biggest joy is waking up with Brulee by my side. She pees on my brother’s bed but never mine!’ – Ratna R.
‘ It’s always a good day when I see Fanny & BunBun binkying from one corner to another just for some pellets and head rubs. Happiness is just that simple.’ – Zoe C.
‘ When you have a bad day and come home to see their silly faces and hopping around without a care of this world, everything seems good again. ‘ – Toni T.
‘ Ever since Loafy came into our lives, we have been looking forward to going home just to see his cute face and receiving his head butts asking for treats.’ – Jasmine L.
‘Every weekend, we sleep in the living room and let Hammy & Cyrus roam around. We really enjoy having their fur brushing against our faces as we sleep the day away.’ – Sumathi S.
‘ My biggest joy is to learn about caring for my Smiffy and Smores. From what they eat, to what they play, which makes them happy and makes me happier!’ – Priscilla H.
‘ I wake up to Yuri and Ray staring eagerly at me and when i get up, they will circle my feet non-stop! Once I place their food down, they eat like there’s no tomorrow  though dinner was just 8 hours ago. Seeing them so excited about the simplest things, makes me so happy!’ – Kimberlyn L
‘After a tiring day at work, I will come home and flop on the floor. Skippy and Sparkie will come up to me and climb all over to give me a ‘relieving massage’. Ahhh….’ – Melissa T.
‘Bitsie knows that I don’t allow her to dig the rugs. One day, I sneaked up to her and saw her chewing away the rug. She noticed my feet, stop chewing and pretended to lie down as if she did nothing! She cracks me up! I’m so lucky to have her!’ – May W.
‘ My joy being a bunny mama is when my son Pikachu jumps on my bed to check on me by twitching his nose near mine to make sure I am breathing. He does that all the time. ‘ – Jackie F. (BW Founder)
It is amazing for us to see how much joy these supposedly ‘boring’ pets have brought to our adopters! It is indeed true that rabbits are quiet and reserved and not everyone have the patience for them. Especially for folks who work long hours, always traveling or have too many commitments in life, you may never have sufficient time and attention to truly give a pet rabbit the happy life it deserves. Anyone can be an animal lover. But not everyone can be a good pet owner. Let’s think about that.