Earlier, we posted the adoption stories of Emmy and Easton. The brothers have found their forever homes and we are so happy for them. For those who had been following their story, you may have remembered how they looked when they were rescued in December last year. Their fur was matted and yellow and their nails were so long they curled up. They were not happy bunnies.
Fast forward 4 months, the boys have blossomed from scrawny little boys to handsome heartthrobs. Just look at how beautiful their fur coat is (and they are super soft too!)! These amazing progress took months of hard work and a substantial amount of veterinary care. Most importantly, they happened because there are people who care.
Emmy and Easton are just 2 examples of neglected pets who were blessed with a 2nd chance in life. All around the globe, rescuers are stretching their limits to change the lives of more animals while doing their best to manage the COVID-19 crisis. We hope animal lovers will continue to support these effort and not forget about the animals. They, too, need our help. Thank you!