Earlier in July, Willow got into a bad fight and her tongue was severely bitten. It was late at night and most vet clinics were closed. We rushed her to Mount Pleasant @ Whitley 24-Hour Emergency Center. The vet stabilized her and contacted surgeon-on-duty, Dr Tsai of The Animal Doctors, Singapore for an immediate surgery. Within hours, Willow was treated. Though her tongue is now 1cm shorter, she has recovered very well.

We understand the helplessness when our rabbits are unwell in the wee hours of the night. We recommended a first-aid kit in our Rabbit Care Guide (goo.gl/smzL3U) to ease conditions such as broken skin or an upset stomach. However, if your rabbit is suffering from severe trauma like Willow or is irresponsive to your first aid, you may require vet intervention. It is best to discuss with your trusted vet on an emergency contact for times like this.

To better equip rabbit owners, popular small animal vet surgeon, Dr Cathy Chan, will be speaking at our Sept 29 Bunny Care Forum on ‘Rabbit Emergencies and First Aid’. It is not a commonly discussed topic but it is so important as it deals with life and death situations our pets may face throughout their lifespan. It will be a very informative session so if you like to learn more, please register here: https://goo.gl/DB3ecp. Seats are limited! Thank you!