At BW, we take adoption very seriously. We receive funny requests every day from people who wants to adopt our rabbits and some of them, are totally ridiculous. Today, we will like to share 10 of such wrong reasons to adopt in hope people will think twice before writing in to us.
1. I want to celebrate my daughter’s 8 years birthday!
2. Adoption is cheap! It’s only $50 but the petshop was going to ask for $800.
3. I don’t really like animal but my children find it cute. So I guess I don’t mind….
4. I want to teach my children how to be responsible. They will do the cleaning. I will just watch.
5. Rabbits are good for my children. They are small and cute, and can sleep with them.
6. My dog needs a friend but I’m not financially ready for another dog. So a rabbit should be cheaper.
7. Dogs will bark, cats will scratch. Hamsters are too small. So a rabbit it is!
8. I don’t have time for my wife/parents/children so a pet will keep them company on my behalf.
9. I’m bored and will like a pet to play with. They will be gone in a few months anyway.
10. I want to do a good deed. I’m doing the shelter a favor so just give me the rabbit and stop asking questions!
Hmm… if you don’t understand why these reasons are wrong, you are not ready for a pet. Adoption is a serious matter and in our case, a rabbit that can live for 10-12 years. We are here to pair sincere animal lovers with a rescued animal that needs a good home. Not here to ‘lelong lelong’ them away. We hope when people write in to adopt, they are mature enough to know this is a matter of life and death. Not shopping at Salvation Army.