Adoption hasn’t been easy for some of our fosters. Though we received many inquiries, most asked for ‘healthy and young’ rabbits. Unfortunately, we don’t have many of those. Our Yoshi is young and lively but due to his dental history, he was rejected. Our June is sweet and endearing but because she requires regular deworming, she, too, was turned down. Our healthy Kiro and Kirin were also overlooked because they were ‘too old’ at 6.

While we respect every adopter’s requirements, we also hope people realize that adopting is about giving a second chance to a once-neglected pet. Their bad past has resulted in pre-existing and/or ongoing health issues which requires continued care. We will not sugarcoat their condition but instead, will empower you with the knowledge to help the rabbit you decide to provide a new life for.

We hope every animal lover will approach adoption with an open mind. Meet the animals and let their stories touch your hearts. Even if it means embarking on a challenge you never had before, it will be an adventure filled with love and satisfaction. Adoption is a selfless deed and when you extend unconditional love to an animal that needs you, you will reap more than you sow.