Recently, we came across a few cases where adopters returned their pets to their rescuers after they found them to be unwell. These adopters feel they are doing the ‘right’ thing by returning them to more experienced hands. Unfortunately, we find this a very irresponsible act. Instead, adopters should proactively seek advice from experienced rescuers to improve their caregiving.
As adopters, you made a commitment to care for your adopted pet through sickness and in health. As their parent, it is absolutely the most cruel idea to give them up when they need you the most. Your adopted pet has brought joy to your life when you needed it. It is time you step up your duty as their parent and take care of them.
To all pet owners, we hope you love your pet as much as they love you. Your pets are your family. You do not turn your back on family especially when they need you the most. This is not about being a good pet owner. This is about being human.