To a true blue animal lover, adoption is not only the right thing to do. It’s the only way to save lives! Here’s our top 10 reasons why adoption rocks:
1. Buying a pet supports a cruel business that breeds for profit. Adopting one supports a rescuer who genuinely cares for animals.
2. Animals are euthanized when they are not adopted in some shelters. Rescue them before it’s too late.
3. Rescuers are experienced in caring for the animals and will sterilize and microchip them before putting them up for adoption. 
4. Rescuers work closely with each adopter to choose the most fitting pet for their family.
5. Rescued animals are not always sick and old. Many are actually young and healthy but given up due to human problems.
6. Adopting an adult pet gives you a realistic expectation of their breed, size, health and temperament.
7. Rescued animals were once neglected and when they feel loved again, they will never take it for granted.
8. Adoption fees are peanuts compared to the actual cost of purchasing a pet.
9. By choosing to adopt, your decision will positively influence your friends and family to consider adopting as well.
10. Adoption saves 2 lives: the animal you adopt, and the animal you made space for in the shelter.
Adoption is so much more than ‘just a good deed’. It is an act of selflessness and unconditional love to an animal that truly needs help. With over thousands of animals being abandoned in Singapore, adoption is the only solution to stop this overpopulation cycle. So if you have the love and capacity to help a rescued animal, please contact your local shelters or rescue organizations today.
YOU can save lives.