We recently learned of an interesting encounter by a rabbit owner in a ’Rabbit Breeding Expert’ Shop in Bedok. The staff’s attitude towards rabbit care was so shocking we just have to share. Of course, we added a dose of humor but the content remains true. We hope after reading about this, you will realize why we do not entrust our pets to such ‘self-proclaimed’ experts in Singapore.

Customer: Can we see the rabbit?
Staff: Sure! (Reach hand into cage, pull the rabbit out by the ears) Nah! Big and round!
Customer: Sir, this is rabbit, not durian…

Customer: How old are your rabbit?
Staff: 3 months old.
Customer: Can they be sterilized?
Staff: (scratch head) Sure!
Customer: I mean neutered. Like cannot have babies anymore.
Staff: (think for a while). Yes, all sterilized liao.
Customer: Sir, I don’t think you know what sterilization means…

Customer: What if the rabbit fall sick, which vet to see.
Staff: Vet? No need la!
Customer: You sure?
Staff: No vet will see rabbit one la.
Customer: Then if my rabbit really sick, how?
Staff: Just leave it to die lor!
Customer: *shock face*

Customer: How much are the rabbits?
Staff: I charge you cheap cheap. $500 for young and cute Holland lop.
Customer: How come so expensive?
Staff: It’s pure breed leh, from US!
Customer: I thought you bred them yourself.
Staff: The ‘gen’ (根 which means root) is US leh.
Customer: Like that also can…

As you expected, the rabbit owner walked out of the petshop dumbfounded. Thankfully, he was a well-informed owner and it didn’t take long for him to realize the pet shop and their staffs were BSing him. We can’t imagine how many gullible animal lovers were talked into buying their rabbits. This so called ‘animal-loving’ industry is obviously doing more harm than good to these innocent lives. ?