We speak to owners regularly to assist them in finding a partner for their rabbits. However, we realize that not all owners are truly prepared for a second rabbit. We have met several ‘burned-out’ owners who ended up surrendering both their pets. To assist, here’s some scenarios we encountered to help you discern if you are truly ready for 2.

‘I don’t have time for my rabbit so I want a friend to keep him company.’

If you don’t have time for 1, you won’t have time for 2. While it is true that a bonded pair can keep each other busy when their owners are not around, it is still the responsibility of the owner to spend sufficient time to bond and monitor them. Also, when 2 lives are involved, grooming, vet visits and medical care will also double. If you are truly busy for 1 rabbit, getting 2 will not be a smart move.

‘ I just got my rabbit and he is so fun! I want a second one ASAP to have double the fun!’

While we are happy you are having fun with your rabbit, you may not have experienced sufficiently to be able to handle a second. The true test often comes when your rabbit is unwell. The anxiety, the medication, the expenses and all that worries. Only a rabbit owner who have experienced all that have a more realistic expectation than a new owner who have only experienced fun and joy.

‘I love my rabbit and want her to have a friend. But if they don’t bond, I’ll return the new rabbit.’

We understand every pawrent want the best for their own. However, it won’t be right to treat the new one as a ‘2nd class resident’. Before committing to a second pet, consider ‘dating’ sessions or fostering to ensure a good fit. After which, it is the responsibility of the owner to commit to the bonding process. If the bonding didn’t work out, the owner should be prepared to love the new rabbit equally.