Rabbits are indeed cute and adorable but not everyone is ready for their long-term commitment. Petshops and cartoons often simplify their care and it’s taking time for people to realize how much care they truly need! Even the most educated people we spoke to still think of rabbits as cuddly, carrot-eating toys made for young children.

Today, we shall share with you some honest truths about our rabbits. These are based on experience of our adopters and we are sure it will resonates with many owners out there. It’s just so important that you are OK with these daily routines before you decide to acquire one. A pet rabbit will truly change your life quite dramatically!

1. Stepping on rabbit’s poo is daily matters and you will say ‘Thank goodness, it’s not pee today!’

2. Checking your litterbox everyday to find millions of round and plump poo and it actually makes your day!

3. Buying so much leafy greens from your supermarket that the cashier auntie wonders if you have turned vegan.

4. Finding fresh hay becomes a goal in life and you have at least 3 local suppliers on speed dial. You even tried to hunt down the country distributor just to know when is new stock coming.

5. Fur follows you everywhere, on your clothes, your hair, and even food. Seriously, there is no point removing them and you just stop wearing black.

6. Waking up at 7am, even on weekends, to prepare vegetable salad and clean litter boxes becomes a daily routine. And there is no ‘day off’ from it.

7. Date night becomes history as you need to rush home by 7pm to prepare vegetable salad and clean litter boxes. Your day just repeats, over and over again.

8. You spend more time and effort finding a good pet sitter than you hunt for hotels when planning for a vacation overseas. At some point, you canceled your vacation just to stay at home.

9. Finding holes on your $3000 Chanel purse and having to be OK with it because there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

And on a more serious note,

10. Their life is awfully limited at 6-10 years and the heart wrenching pain they bring to you, is unspeakable and not for the faintest heart.

While pet shops advertise cute baby bunnies for profit, rescue groups will rather discourage unprepared people from adopting on impulse. Taking care of a pet is not all that fine and dandy. It’s a responsibility that having the ‘heart’ may not be good enough. You need time, resources, support and most importantly, a strong heart.

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(Photo credit to Yanjun and her rabbits, Remy and BW Pola)