Very often, we see rabbit owners posting about their adorable ones on social media. However, we realized many of them are not well guided on how to setup their rabbits’ homes. Some of them have the ‘old school’ idea to place a rabbit in a cage while others still live in the Kampung days and keep them in outdoor hutches. Today, we will like to educate all rabbit owners on bad vs. good rabbit housing.
For owners who interact regularly with their rabbits, they would know that their behaviors are closer to a dog than a hamster. They love to stay clean and can be litter-trained. They enjoy exploring and does best when allow to roam freely. However, they are also very timid and sensitive to noise and heat. Especially in tropical Singapore, our furry rabbits should stay away from the sun and rain and keep in an indoor environment.
In Bunny Wonderland, no doubt we have 60 rabbits under one roof, all our rabbits are given a spacious litterbox and kept in a neat playpen. Our minimum area for 1 rabbit is 1m x 1m  and we double it up for 2 rabbits. We have seen adopters who expand their existing cage with a playpen, as well as build NIC condos to create vertical space. Many of our adopters will bunny-proof their homes and let their rabbits free roam. This, in our opinion, is the best way to care for the rabbits and help them feel part of the family.
We hope with some of these suggestions, rabbit owners will realize the importance of a suitable housing for your beloved pets. Do some research online and you will realize that many international rescue groups will resonate our thoughts. We are still learning more about our rabbits and we hope you can help us share them as we move along. Let’s improve the welfare of our rabbits together!