We receive daily requests from people who wants to give away their rabbits. Here at the wonderland, we do a conscientious job to take in what we can while being responsible to those we rescued. We are NOT a government-funded organization, nor do we have ‘fund’ to tap into. We are privately funded by our founder, Jackie, who works a 9-5 job and supported by a group of animal lovers.

When we receive a request, we try to offer suggestions for owners to work out their issues. After all, surrendering an animal is like a child being told the parents don’t want him anymore. It’s very heartbreaking. We hope everyone try their best before concluding there is no way out. If your house has no space for 1 rabbit, do you think our small home with already 30 rabbits have space for more?

Also, we feel that some people has the misconception that our rabbits live in a luxurious penthouse. On the contrary, every rabbit is confined in a 4 piece playpen with only a litterbox and a water bowl. We give them simple toys like boxes but we can’t afford much. Our goal is to let them find peace while we work hard to find good homes before they get depressed.

As much as we want every rabbit to be safe, we cannot bite more than we can chew and end up disappointing those we have at hand. We need to rescue responsibly. We hope every owner realize this before writing in to us. And we hope every animal lover realizes the overwhelming responsibilities and little support AWGs in Singapore receive. Help us if you can. Thank you.